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The Sorry State of the Episcopal Church and Other Stuff from the Web

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles (along with seven others) is calling for the ordination of more gay and lesbian bishops (Click here: LA's Episcopal diocese continuing 'downward spiral' (  One bishop (John Bryson Chane of Washington) even wrote "We face our share of problems in the Episcopal Church, but wholesale defections to a movement committed to denying gay and lesbian Christians the birthright of their baptism is not one of them."  I didn't know that baptism was a birthright to be gay or lesbian.

Better not steal the GPS-equipped baby Jesus from the local nativity scene.  Someone may be watching you.  Click here: Nation & World | GPS, hidden cameras watching over Baby Jesus | Seattle Times Newspaper

Kenneth Copeland just got hit by Tarrant County with a 75K tax-bill on his 3.6 million dollar 1998 Cessna Bravo 550 Jet.  The news article contains this gem.

The ministry owns at least four aircraft, including a $17.5 million Citation X.  Other Copeland aircraft that are already tax-exempt are not expected to be affected, officials said.  Exemptions are reviewed every 10 years unless someone files a complaint, officials said.  The aircraft are used for disaster relief, prison outreach, church meetings, worldwide conventions and other church activities about 90 percent of the time, the church has said.  The rest of the time they are used for personal trips, and `individuals are all charged for personal use of planes ... These are all legal activities,' the ministry said last year.  But unclear are layovers of ministry jets in Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii, and the Fiji Islands. 

Did you hear about any disaster relief ever going to Hawaii and Fiji?  I sure didn't.  Those unexplained layovers must be "prison outreach."  Click here: Copeland jet taxable, board rules | Fort Worth |

Reader Comments (3)

Well you know how exhausted Kenny gets after the "anointing" is drained from him! A trip to Fiji or Hawaii charges him back up! The bigger question is whether Copeland used any donations to help finance his for profit businesses. Heck 75k is drop in the bucket for this clown!
December 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Anywhere he is Copeland is doing God's work and he rightly deserves those millions of dollars. He plans to take it with him.
December 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMatt
Isn't it interesting how GM is getting rid of their of their corporate jets to have a better image, but guys like Copeland keep theirs?
December 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAlberto

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