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This Week at Christ Reformed Church (September 9-15)

Sunday Morning (09/15/13):  We are continuing our series on John's Gospel.  This coming Lord's Day, I'll be preaching on John 11:45-57, and the plot to kill Jesus.

Sunday Afternoon:  I will be conducting our afternoon service, which begins @ 1:15 p.m.  We are working way through the doctrine of reprobation in the Canons of Dort (CD 1:15-16). 

Wednesday Night Bible Study (9/11/13):  We are continuing our series, "Studies in the Book of Revelation," and are working our way through Revelation 4.  Bible study begins at 7:30 p.m.

The Friday Night Academy is Back (9/13/13):  Rev. Andrew Compton will present a lecture "Touring Old Testament Jerusalem."  Here's a preview.

Both in Middle Eastern politics and in the three major monotheistic religions, the city of Jerusalem plays a prominent role.  Politically, it is contested territory in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Religiously, it is “The Holy City,” a sacred site for many Jews, Muslims and Christians.  But what do we actually know about the city?  What are its prominent geographical traits?  What are its significant architectural features?  In this presentation, R. Andrew Compton leads a tour through part of Jerusalem’s history, showing how geography and archaeology illuminate the Bible's portrait of the city.  He tells the story of the city down to the time of the Babylonian exile, illustrating its history and archaeology with maps and pictures, in order to allow the Old Testament's focus on Jerusalem to be more vividly understood.

Watch for my upcoming series "In the Land of Nod" (on the two kingdoms), and for a series "Responding to Islam," by Ken Samples.

For more information and directions, check out the Christ Reformed website:  Christ Reformed Church

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