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"Amillennialism 101" -- Audio and On-Line Resources

About the Riddlebog:

1).  In order not to be a slave to my own blog, I post new items when I can (given my busy schedule), or whenever the mood strikes me.

2).  I am adding more sermons and theological essays as I am able.  I will also announce when new sermons or essays are posted.

3).  I will answer questions about eschatology as I am able (or that I deem worthwhile).

4).  Most items posted on the Riddleblog are germane to members of Christ Reformed Church or to listeners of the White Horse Inn.

5).  I am always looking for new stuff. If you run across something you think might interest me (and the readers), please send it my way.

6).  Those interested in Riddlebarger Family History are encouraged to send family information my way.  I'm always interested in meeting new cousins and updating my research!

7).  No blue language or rudeness will be tolerated in the comments.  This is my site and if I don't approve of your comments, off you go!  This is law and not gospel!