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What should Christians believe about the Antichrist?

Christians have always been fascinated with the Antichrist, but recently the interest seems to have reached an all-time high, with pop culture depictions and speculation leaving many people confused or even frightened. But what does the Bible really say? What have Christians throughout history believed about the Antichrist? Should we fear the Antichrist or such things as the mark of the Beast? Have some end-times prophecies already been fulfilled?

Pastor and professor Kim Riddlebarger carefully untangles the confusion surrounding this biblical doctrine. He considers common beliefs about the Antichrist and end times, closely examines the relevant scriptural passages, and explains how these passages have been interpreted historically by the church.

Pastors, professors, and concerned Christians seeking trustworthy guidance on the doctrine of the Antichrist will appreciate Riddlebarger's sound biblical approach.

Author Information: Kim Riddlebarger (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is currently the senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, California, and visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. He is also a cohost of the White Horse Inn radio program, a weekly broadcast on more than fifty radio stations.

Endorsement: "Beyond sensationalism and silliness, this book on the Antichrist corrects a tendency among a lot of us simply to ignore the topic. Riddlebarger writes with accessible prose, although there is always more research and analysis behind it than meets the eye. If you want to learn about this strange New Testament figure without all the hype usually associated with the genre, look no further. It's serious, interesting, well-informed, and edifying reading."--Michael Horton, professor of theology and apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

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