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The Achillies Heel of Islam?

Muslim Women.jpgTwo recent news stories illustrate Islam's public relations problem (exposing its dark side) as it spreads into the West.

In the first report (Click here: The Sun Online - News: Judge gives the OK to wife hit), "The terrified partner, a 26-year-old mum of two, filed for a quickie divorce after her husband hit her and even threatened to kill her. But the judge in Frankfurt, Germany, rejected her application — quoting a Koran verse which some have controversially interpreted to mean a man can beat his wife if she acts in an `unchaste' fashion. A divorce court judge ruled a man was right to beat and abuse his wife — because the Muslim holy book allowed it." 

Can you imagine what will happen if Sharia law is ever tolerated in the West?  And where is the outcry from the supposed champions of women's rights--the political left?  Many on the left actually believe that Falwell, Dobson and the Christian right are the true enemies of women.  The left's silence about Islam is deafening . . .

In the second news story, (Click here: Woman re-interprets Koran with feminist view | US News | "A new English-language interpretation of the Muslim Holy book the Koran challenges the use of words that feminists say have been used to justify the abuse of Islamic women.  The new version, translated by an Iranian-American, will be published in April and comes after Muslim feminists from around the world gathered in New York last November and vowed to create the first women's council to interpret the Koran and make the religion more friendly toward women.  In the new book, Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar, a former lecturer on Islam at the University of Chicago, challenges the translation of the Arab word `idrib,' traditionally translated as `beat,' which feminists say has been used to justify abuse of women.  Why choose to interpret the word as 'to beat' when it can also mean 'to go away'," she writes in the introduction to the new book. The passage is generally translated: `And as for those women whose ill will you have reason to fear, admonish them; then leave them alone in bed; then beat them; and if thereupon they pay you heed, do not seek to harm them. Behold, God is indeed most high, great!'  Instead, Bakhtiar suggests `Husbands at that point should submit to God, let God handle it -- go away from them and let God work His Will instead of a human being inflicting pain and suffering on another human being in the Name of God.'"

If only feminist theologians do to Islam and the Koran what they've done to the Bible and mainline Protestantism, ironically they'll set Islamic expansion back decades!

Of course, the preaching of the cross is the best means to oppose Islam, but news reports like this along with the rise of feminist scholarship in their midst certainly cannot help the Islamic cause. 

Any thoughts?

Reader Comments (15)

Feminism is God's judgment on Islam and Islam is God's judgment on feminism. The cross is the only way out.
March 23, 2007 | Unregistered Commenteranon
This is exactly why Islamic nations hate the west and don't want our influence in the Middle East. Very interesting stuff...
March 23, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRev. Bob
"Many on the left actually believe that Falwell, Dobson and the Christian right are the true enemies of women."

yes, that sort of rhetoric is quite overblown and typcially unuseful.

however, equally laughable is when these righties try to convince us that they are the evangelical heirs to women's rights crusades at the turn of the 20th century. yeah, transplant dobson back to 1910 and he's fighting for women to get the vote? something tells me his grandaddy was on the other side of that isle.

even better is when they try to link up their anti-abortion agenda to "women's rights" in china. these efforts, i think, are very disengenuous. they are not so much concerned for women's rights as they are to stomp out abortion. i find it interesting how the righties pull a trojan horse methodology by trying to link up a minority morality to a majority one: "if you are for reproductive rights you are as good as a racist chauvinist." gimme a break, piper. quit the smoke and mirrors rhetoric and just be plain about your views.

for the record, i do hold what is considered conventionally conservative conclusions on abortion, both morally AND politically. but the righties don't typcially speak my langauge.

March 23, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterzrim
"gimme a break, piper. quit the smoke and mirrors rhetoric and just be plain about your views."

Is that a reference to John Piper?

If so, I am horrified by any critical insinuation that his concerns are questionable.
March 23, 2007 | Unregistered Commentercarolyn
Islam's treatment of women is the reason it can't produce anything but a parasitic, slave-dependent civilization. When half of the population is absolute property of the other half, what can you really accomplish. Most of the women in Pakistan's jails are there for being raped.

It's unclear that shari'ah law isn't already tolerated in the west. Most of the immigrant suburbs of France are ruled by shari'ah. From what I've read, it's prevalent in the UK, Germany and Sweden. The US and Canada are heading that way in certain portions of the country like Dearbornistan, MI and Minneapolis.

See Robert Spencer's post on this as well:
March 23, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterwalt
You stated: "Feminism is God's judgment on Islam and Islam is God's judgment on feminism. The cross is the only way out."

Do you have an inside into the mind of God on this issue? What about Christian Feminism? Is that a judgment by God on Christianity?
March 23, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermholst
"if you are for reproductive rights you are as good as a racist chauvinist." gimme a break, piper. quit the smoke and mirrors rhetoric and just be plain about your views.

zrim, I don't know what you meant by that, but that very much looks like you are talking about one of Piper's sermon (or speech, not sure) on this issue.

"reproductive rights" yeah right if we take what the "feminists" say its more like license to murder. I wouldn't give it so much sugar coating.

if you did allude to Piper's message on abortion, your comment was very distasteful otherwise just ignore this
March 23, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSomeoneElse
About islam, the story from Germany was very scary and as for feminism having same effect on islam as on Christianity, I very much doubt it.
March 23, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSomeoneElse
I forgot one more thing, thanks for making available Ken Sample's messages on Islam and Christianity
March 23, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSomeoneElse
The problem with Islamic feminists is that the men retain the right to slit the throats of any women that are irritating them, and retain the right to car-bomb anyone that is misinterpreting the Koran. This would put a serious damper on trying to introduce the ideas outside of the secular English-speaking world.
March 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJosh S
How could a judge of Germany make such a ruling according to Islam law instead of the law of Germany?

Is "religious thing" outside of the law?
March 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterHenry Luo
I predict there will be sporadic honor killings in North America within the decade.
March 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Cronkhite
zrim - have you read Horton's old article in modern reformation titled something like "How pro life are you"? Its hardly a definitive work on the subject but since you've said that Horton is your "patron saint," I thought you might find it interesting. He wrote it back in 94 or 95. I'm not sure if he still holds the same view or not.
March 24, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterchild
I'm horrified that in a country where Christians are imprisoned for homeschooling spousal abuse (to use a technical term) is legal so long as the abuser has a religious justification. Where will it end? Could a Shariah Court cut a thief's hand off and not be punished for it? Logically it gives Muslims the freedom to marry four wives - as that's in the Koran too.
March 26, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterThe Highland Host

i probably did read that, but i cannot recall. sounds familiar though.

carolyn and someoneesle,

yes, that was a reference to piper's recent "sanctity of life" sunday sermon. have either of you read/heard it?

"distasteful"? how? remember that i take pretty conventionally conservative views on this issue. but the notion that those who champion RR's are also racists or bigots is just desparate flailing in the air. it is ridiculous.

carolyn, i take by "his concerns" to mean his concerns about abortion? just because we may share certain political conclusions on a matter does not mean his ends are justified. i call my views anti-abortion (not pro-life), i suppose, but i find that we on this side of the table write each other blank checks to make any argumentations. calling the other side of the table racist is what is horrifying. it isn't his concerns that are so much questionable, carolyn, but his argumentations. he promotes the social gospel of the right by his "sermonizing," and, i would be willing to bet, likes to take the liberals to the shed for their social gospel. that is duplicitous.


March 26, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterzrim

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