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Alms for the Poor? Or Funding for the Jihad?

zakat.jpgOne of the Five Pillars of Islam is Zakat, which is the giving of 2.5% of one's wealth to support various Islamic causes, such as helping the poor, releasing people from debt, or for the propagation of Islam.

A recent report from Judicial Watch, indicates that a great deal of the money given to Islamic charities in the United States, actually makes its way to various groups funding and supporting terrorism (Click here: Judicial Watch).

"According to the report’s introduction:  `While the U.S. government finally has taken action against some of the groups identified by Judicial Watch, others are still functioning.  The federal government is aware of their presence and the danger they pose to our national security.  The question is:  Why are they still in operation?'  (Following the attacks of 9/11, Judicial Watch filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against non-profit organizations, `reportedly being used as money laundering front organizations for radical Islamic terrorists.')  Among the highlights from the Muslim front organization report:

• The Islamic Society of North America enforces Wahhabi [extreme Islamism] theology in the country’s 1,200 official recognized mosques and has allegedly helped turn the federal prison system into a fertile recruiting ground for al Qaeda.  In 2005, the organization received a White House invitation to send a representative to participate in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Representatives’ White House Leadership Conference.

• According to Hamza Yusuf, a board member of the Council for American Islamic Relations, `[America] is facing a terrible fate, and the reason for that is because the country stands condemned.'  Yet, the Department of Homeland Security recently published an online press release from the organization expressing its approval of the Transportation and Safety Administration’s `sensitivity training' program about Islamic traditions.

• The North American Islamic Trust, which operates out of Illinois, owns between 50 and 80 percent of North American mosques.  Authorities say the organization is used as a funnel for Saudi and other gulf money to spread an anti-American brand of Islamic fundamentalism in American mosques from southern California to South Carolina.

• In 2005, the Islamic Council for North America, based in New York, was under investigation for its connection to a violent Pakistani terrorist group with al Qaeda links.

`This report carefully documents connections between so-called Muslim charities in the U.S. and the terrorists who murder innocents,' said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  `The federal government should no longer coddle terrorist front groups in the name of political correctness.  Any organization that funds terror should be shut down immediately.'”

To read the Judical Watch report,Click here:

I'm glad someone keeps watch on this kind of stuff! 

Reader Comments (6)

"I'm glad someone keeps watch on this kind of stuff!"

I am mighty glad too that someone is keeping a watch on it there and I live in New Zealand.

But what is being done about it there? What about worldwide? They are receiving funds from all around the globe by all reports?

This here is going on right next to our beautiful country:


I hope the Australian government comes down swift and hard on them and all the other terrorists in disguise in Australia and stamp it out. There was a terrorist training camp about forty kilometers from where we used to live in Western Australia before they got busted. Freaky. I probably knew some of them as they were locals as well. Horrors? All nice and smiley and friendly, just like the way the terrorists were living and learning to fly and so forth in the United States of America before they did their unjust unloving demonic deed of 9/11.

There's a huge mosque about five kilometers from where I live here in Christchurch. Heaps of them attend their daily prayer calls. They are not praying to the God of all that is though. Some other god. The Muslim's have not integrated into society here and keep to themselves, yet you see them in their gear, veils and all, all around the city. Some are nice and friendly and say hi but others have this real sour angry look especially the men. Are they sending money from New Zealand and Australia to fund the terrorists? Probably, I'd say. When I was living in Western Australia 9/11 all the Muslim taxi drivers in Perth apparently lept for joy in the streets!!! What satanically inspired monsters? They seem to love the death of others that do not embrace their beliefs. I gather they will not cease until they dominate the world and Europe has already basically given up and resigned themselves to their fate at the hands of the Muslims. They believe it is useless to resist and have given up hope. Thank God America, Australia and Britain are standing up to those demonic Muslim terrorist thugs.

“Never in the history of the British Empire has so much been done by so few for so many,” complimented Winston Churchill on the actions of the Royal Air Force during WW2.

Never in the history of mankind has so much been done by so few for so many as what the Americans, British and Australian troops are doing and have done in this war against the evil merciless Islamic terrorists. It is a hell of a war. The Islamic terrorists do not care one iota about the murders of thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children, of any country. They are brute beasts. Oh LORD God Almighty, Yahweh, please help those brave American, British and Australian soldiers fighting for our freedom, in the middle east and other parts of the world we do not know about and please help our New Zealand troops that go to Afghanistan. Thank you.

The Rape of Europe
By Paul Belien
April 9, 2007

Scary, very frightening, troubling, unsettlingly stuff.
April 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDouglas
Ah, Brussels Journal(Paul Belien). Good blog. Of course zakat is funding for terrorism. Why do so many Islamic countries need charity anyway? Everything we send over there gets used to support shari'ah.
April 13, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterwalt

Why aren't these organizations shut down immediately? The answer is simple. If you shut one down, the next day another will take its place. Any money that would have been given to the first will simply be saved until the next organization can be constructed. Shutting down these organizations will actually achieve nothing toward sending less money to terrorists.

This way, however, rather than having to rediscover these organizations all over again, they allow them to exist so that they can know who these people are and what they are doing. Better the devil you know, right?

Know thy enemy.

Trust me, knowing who these people are is far safer for us in the long run. You cannot eradicate them, you can only force them to change their name, only to force yourself to investigate all over again to find out who the new guys are.

The fact is, there are people who are willing to spend their money this way, and there will always be someone to collect it.

It's just like drug dealers. You can't do away with drugs unless you do away with the demand for drugs. As long as there's a demand, someone will find a way to fulfill it. Better to know who these people are so you can keep them from crossing the line, because when they do cross the line, you know right where to find them.

What we'd all like to see is an eradication of Islam. I know I would. But that's impossible. There's only one final solution, and he was and is and is coming. When Jesus returns he will destroy all his enemies with the breath of his mouth, and it will be over. There's your final solution. Let us not hope in our government to achieve what only Christ can achieve.

April 13, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterEcho_ohcE

In the meantime, what do we do with Romans 13:1-7? Do we ignore that section of our Bibles and bury our heads in the sand and let evil and evil doers rule and reign until Jesus returns?

Governments are supposed to be a terror to the evil doers, not evil doers a terror to governments and the people.

The War on Civilians
April 14, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDouglas
"In the meantime, what do we do with Romans 13:1-7? Do we ignore that section of our Bibles and bury our heads in the sand and let evil and evil doers rule and reign until Jesus returns?"

We're participants in the present evil age, whether we like it or not. We need to take a more active role in demanding that the government do their job, if you ask me. The problem is, the government needs constant monitoring these days to do anything right.

April 14, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterwalt


It is not illegal to be a Muslim. People can do with their money what they want. There's no way that the government could POSSIBLY stop people from donating to terrorist organizations. It would be utterly impossible. First they'd have to make it explicitly illegal to donate to terrorist organizations.

Of course, you know what will happen then? Then the terrorists will only start front organizations, so people can claim that they didn't know they were donating to terrorists. That's basically what they do now.

Now what do you do? Do you make it illegal to donate to organizations that fund terrorists, even if you don't know that that's what the money will be used for? Some poor Muslim gives money to his local mosque, thinking he is religious, and then the mosque funnels money to terrorists, and you want to arrest the guy who donates to the mosque? You can't do that. The government has no right to do that. This is still America, after all. You're allowed to donate your money to your mosque. You're allowed to be Muslim.

And as long as that's the case, people will be able to get away with donating to terrorists.

I am not denying the validity of Romans 13, I'm denying that our government is bound by:

a) your interpretation of Romans 13, and
b) your perception of our current situation.

Our government is not bound to solve the problems YOU see in the way that YOU think they ought to be solved. Our government is bound to protect our liberty, but not just ours, but also that of Muslims. I'm sorry if you don't think Muslims have rights, but I do, and the US Constitution says so. If you want Muslims to be treated differently than the rest of us, write your congressman and ask him to amend the Constitution to outlaw Islam. Until such a law is passed, it remains legal to be a Muslim, and they have the same rights you and I do. That some people will abuse those rights is just par for the course. There's no way to be absolutely protected from abuse. It's impossible.

By analogy, if you want to have freedom of speech, sometimes you'll be offended at what people say. That's part of the price of free speech.

If you want to have freedom of religion, you have to allow Muslims to do their bizarre things they do, and pagans and satanists and all sorts of things. You have to.

Now, if you want to set up a government where the only legal religion is Christianity, go ahead and try, but it won't happen. Meanwhile, you will become a theonomist. If you want to be a theonomist, go ahead. I'm not a theonomist, so I believe very strongly in the separation of church and state. Sphere sovereignty.

And I'm saying all of this because as long as being a Muslim is legal, they'll find ways to support their causes, and we CANNOT stop them. It's impossible. Not possible. You cannot prove intent to fund terrorists if they use front organizations, which they all do. If someone is confused and thinks Hizbollah is only a political party, and they want to make a contribution to them, they have that right. If someone wants to make a donation to the government of Iran, they can do so. I wish they wouldn't, but they have that right.

What our country needs to spend its energy on is not this stuff, but on winning over hearts and minds so that they don't want to kill us anymore. I do not know exactly how to do that, but that's what they need to seek to achieve. That's what they were trying to do in Iraq, I think, but it backfired.

April 14, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterEcho_ohcE

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