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"Amillennialism 101" -- Audio and On-Line Resources
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Great Deals on Two Important New Books!

Here are links to great deals on these two very important books.

Get Michael Horton's Christless Christianity here for 50% off!

Click here: Christless Christianity by Michael Horton

Get Scott Clark's Recovering the Reformed Confession here only $15.00!

Click here: Deal of the Month « Heritage Booktalk     

Reader Comments (2)

Sorry this is not about the 2 books which I'm sure are great and on my never-ending list of books to get list. But, how do I answer a Christian who agrees with the pop-culture phrase, "Jesus loves you just as you are."

And also this Christian believes the "Eve was framed" bumper sticker.
What's a good response to these (faulty) concepts?
October 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMatt
Yes, Jesus loves you as you are, but that doesn't mean you will stay as you are because uniquely to the believer God has written his law in their hearts and comes into them to cause them to walk in His ways.

By the way, I want to say that I am auctioning a bunch of amillennial related books and cassette tapes on ebay , ending tomorrow, Sunday Oct. 5th.
I apologize Kim, if this is forbidden to bring up, and you can remove this reply if it is.
I wouldn't normally even be selling the stuff but I lost my job and I have to get creative until The Lord answers my prayers for a new job.
Its my own personal collection, and it devastates me to even part with it.

Just do a search on "Amillennial" or "Malcolm Smith" and you will bring up my items.

One item is the 1966 William E. Cox book 'Amillennialism Today' which is kind of scarce but a great read.

Malcolm Smith is a long time teacher of understanding the whole bible in light of the amillennial and covenant view, so all his audio tapes touch on amillennialsm at one point or another.

Again I apologize Kim, for this shameless plug.
October 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJames Paul

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