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More on Horton's New Book Christless Christianity

Here's a link to Mike Horton's recent interview (live chat) in the Washington Post.  Click here: Washingtonpost Viewpoint: Dr. Michael S. Horton

Here's a review of Christless Christianityby Paul Manata.  Click here: Triablogue: Christless Christianity

Reader Comments (1)

Horton's analysis can also be extended to Christians here in Australia.The Quakers who have relegated Jesus to a Shadow-i know I worshiped with them for nearly 3 years until being challenged that i needed to return to my Reformed roots.
The Uniting Church ,which worries about being sola cultura;some sections of the anglican church more concerned with climate change and women's ordination.
The large Hillsong Church of 20000-small i know- who preach the Prosperity Gospel.i could go on.
What we Christians need on both sides of the Pacific is a renewing of Christ's centrality in our lives.
November 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterwayne

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