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"You Must Remember" -- Jude 5-25

Here's the link to Sunday's sermon on Jude (the second in a two-part series).

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Enjoyed this alot! I consider it kind of a hobby of mine to go around the web and collect & save the best reformed sermons and studies from the best of reformed christianity's teachers, especially for each book of the bible. I have been working on my audio section lately since it was very lacking.
My text section is over 2 gigabytes and probably needs no more additional material. My audio is just getting started, but I already have over 80 gigabytes of mp3's. But there wasnt much in the way of Jude audio, so this is a welcome addition.
I have found so much great reformed material on the web that I've been notifying of audio links that even they had not discovered.

I try to stick with teachers with the amillennial, covenant view (and those who know the difference between ethnic Israel and spiritual Israel, the church), since a persons view of this colors so much of how one understands the entire bible and plan of God.

By the way, I had requested audio on Kim's Judges study,, but I have since found some very good audio Judges material from a pastor that Kim recommended a while back, Iain Wright, from Covenant OPC in Chicago where Kim had a recent speaking engagement. Pastor Wright has many other good sermons as well on

Kim, I hope you will continue to post your audio bible studies and am looking forward to whatever you have next. I'd still love to hear your Judges material in mp3 form.
December 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJames Paul

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