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Some Interesting Links . . .

Links.jpgLooks like the state-sponsored schools indoctrination centers in the UK have been about as successful as the schools here.  According to a recent survey, 25% of Britons think Winston was a myth . . .   Yeah, and I'll bet the same state-sponsored UK schools are telling the kids that Islam is a religion of peace!   Click here: Quarter of Brits think Churchill was myth: poll - Yahoo! News

Our Catholic friends face a serious ethical dilemma.  Since Saint Patrick's Day falls within Holy Week this year, Catholics are being asked not to drink, or else celebrate St. Patty's Day a week earlier.  My guess is those people who love St. Patty's Day will move the date!  Click here: Catholics Asked Not To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day On March 17 - Entertainment News Story - WEWS Cleveland.

Here are some great shots of the new Yankee Stadium nearing completion.  Means I have to make my Hajj to the current Yankee Stadium before it closes.  Click here: Sliding Into Home: A Yankees Blog: New Yankee Stadium Construction Updates.

This is a classic case of an editor being asleep at the switch.  Just read the headline and then ask yourself, "isn't this true of all of us?"  Click here: MyFox Washington DC | Police: Crack Found in Man's Buttocks

Yet another faith-based diet?  I keep waiting for the locusts and honey diet.  Click here: Faith-Based Diet Puts God Before Food - Health News Story - KMGH Denver

One of my favorite historians (Ian Kershaw--who's books on Hitler are must reading) asks the question we all need to be asking.  How did a democracy produce a monster like Adolf?  Click here: How democracy produced a monster - International Herald Tribune

Finally, here's a great new blog dealing with historical theology.  Click here: Historical TheoBlogy: Historical Theology one blog at a time

Reader Comments (5)

"How did a democracy produce a monster like Adolf? "

From the article: "From 1930 onward, therefore, the German state was locked in stalemate. Democratic forms remained. But democracy itself was in effect dead, or at least dying."

Interesting thought, given that it looks like the best we can hope for for the next 4 years is gridlock and paralysis.
February 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commenter"lee n. field"
Speaking of British schools, I saw the following example of political correctness run amok in Britain a couple of days ago. It doesn't get much more twisted than this. Of course my home state of Massachusetts will likely follow in these footsteps in the not so distant future:

"Daily Mail
Don't say mum and dad... teachers told not to assume pupils have heterosexual parents
Last updated at 10:48am on 30th January 2008
Teachers should not assume that their pupils have a "mum and dad" under guidance aimed at tackling anti-gay bullying in schools.
It says primary pupils as young as four should be familiarised with the idea of same-sex couples to help combat homophobic attitudes.
Teachers should attempt to avoid assumptions that pupils will have a conventional family background, it urges.
Pupils are enlisted in the war on homophobia
It goes on to suggest the word "parents" may be more appropriate than "mum and dad", particularly in letters and emails to the child's home.
When discussing marriage with secondary pupils, teachers should also educate pupils about civil partnerships and gay adoption rights.
The guidance - produced for the Government by gay rights group Stonewall - will be formally launched today by Schools Secretary Ed Balls."
February 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterreg
Re: the Fox news headline: If we look closely, I believe we'll find we are facing a world-wide crack epidemic.
February 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTerry J
Aren't locusts high in protein? Add the honey and you get a nutritional snack. It can replace your regular energy bar, and it has a good crunch as well.
February 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAlberto
Concerning St. Patty's Day, forget the green and go with the orange: Protestantism forever!
February 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCB

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