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More on "Issues, Etc.," and Other Interesting Stuff from the Net

Links%207.jpgHere's another update on the situation with "Issues, Etc" complete with pictures of the recent protest.  Click here: Lutherans with Issues » GetReligion.  Looks like there has been significant financial support for Rev. Todd Wilken and his producer, Jeff  Schwarz (Click here: Weedon's Blog, scroll down).   I look forward to seeing (hearing?) these guys resurface on radio again soon!

Muslims are working hard to create a "Euro-Islam" which would be more compatible with "western values."  In Europe these days, "western values" consist of left-socialist politics, overt secularism, and embarrassment at all forms of historical national identity.  Why do Muslims need to adapt to that?  Seems to me that Islam is flourishing in Europe because of Europe's current set of "western values."   Click here: Muslim Martin Luthers: The Theologians Working Towards a Euro-Islam - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

Our old friend, hair-dresser turned Pentecostal televangelist, Junita Bynum, will appear on the TV show "Divorce Court" this week to discuss her divorce from Bishop Thomas Weeks.  This whole debacle is just wrong on so many levels.  You would think that after blowing over a million bucks on their televised wedding, there would be some modicum of humility, if not shame and embarrassment.  Sadly, there is not.  So Ms. Bynum will head to TV and air all the dirty laundry.   Sad.   Click here: - On 'Divorce Court,' Televangelist Juanita Bynum Calls Her Marriage 'Done' - Local News | News Articl

I was very sorry to learn that William Hung (remember him from American Idol?) was ending his singing career.  Seems no one is interested in him any more.  Too bad that Hung forgot that there is an intermediate step between his fifteen minutes of fame and being a complete "has-been"-- CCM.   Too bad.  Think what he could do with contemporary Christian worship music?   Click here: WHAT?!! AND GIVE UP SHOW BUSINESS? - New York Post

Reader Comments (3)

Re: Hung ends singing career.

"Think what he could do with contemporary Christian worship music?"...

Bring more attention to things below and not to things above. Hung seems to fit the bill for the aims of contemporary Christian music. Another singer with a profile.
April 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCalvin V
Yes, Hung could really fit in w/ the MO of much of the CCM marketing.
Each new release in the CCM market he could appear on the cover w/ a brand new look:

New hair style, new clothing look,..

April 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterIvan
Oh, that my part of Europe had a bit more 'left-socialist politics' !!!

You may have seen the recent furore over our tax system penalising the least well off in the UK. The days of tax being linked to any form of redistribution are long gone in the UK.

If you gave me a choice between our 'overt secularism' and Bynum (she was over here the other week and I'm sure she would of sold out) and Weekes over here full time ... it would be a hard choice.

April 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterColin

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