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Helpful Scripture Lists and Other News from Around the Web

links%202.bmpThanks to Nathan Pitchford, who sends along this link to a free download (pdf) of his "Categorized Scripture List" dealing with the people of God.  This list is taken from the ESV, and is very helpful for those reconsidering their dispensationalism.  Click here:

For a mere $3.95 this same material can also be purchased in an attractive booklet from our friends @   Click here: What the Bible Says about THE PEOPLE OF GOD :: Booklets & Tracts :: Monergism Books.

Nathan has another very helpful list of Scriptures dealing with the doctrines of grace.  It can be found here:  Click here: What the Bible Says about THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE :: Booklets & Tracts :: Monergism Books

How about Jihad by lawsuit?  A successful business owner in the UK is being sued because she won't allow an employee in her "alternative" hair-salon to wear her Muslim headscarf.  Of course, the costs from the lawsuit will probably put her out of business.   Click here: Pajamas Media » Pig Tales, Pigtails, and Islamism

The contentless (or theologically liberal) Church of England is losing members so fast that by 2035, there will be more Muslims in the UK than Christians.  I'm surprised it will take that long.   Click here: Practising Muslims 'will outnumber Christians by 2035' - Telegraph

Finally, how would you like to have this modern day Noah living next door?  Lets just hope mated pairs of critters don't start showing up!  Click here: 'Ark' Still Awash With Unanswered Questions

Reader Comments (1)

Scripture lists, what a great idea.

It is my hope this will develop regardimg many subjects. For example: Scripture list of passages to share w/ one who is in Christ who is dying.

Or Scripture list of passages to show Scripture teaches Infant Baptism.

Etc. Etc.

Thanks Kim.
May 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterIvan

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