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The End of the World and Other Interesting Links

links%2011.jpgSince the Netherlands has a reputation for its progressive secularism, it is a surprise that so many in that nation are expecting the apocalypse to occur in 2012.  Could it be that the Dutch are reading Tim LaHaye?  Of course not.  The secular Dutch are freaked out by a prediction regarding the end of the world found in the Mayan calendar.  And secularists think Christians are foolish?  Click here: Many Dutch prepare for 2012 apocalypse -

Is it just me, or do both of these guys need to be smacked upside the head?  Obama twists Scripture--giving us the critical, moralistic reading of the Old Testament and the Sermon on the Mount.  Granted.  But James Dobson is a flaming Arminian who hates Calvinism.  I'm not sure Dobson can make better sense of the Bible than Obama.  Once again, politicians should give up biblical interpretation, and experts in child development should stop trying to be theologians.  Ugh . . .  And to think we've got five more months of this.  Click here: My Way News - Dobson accuses Obama of 'distorting' Bible

The recent Pew poll, which shows that Americans are a religious but largely pagan people, also found that California is a tad more pluralistic than most other states.  And someone had to pay a pollster to discover that?  That would be the LA Times, of course.  On my way to church I pass a large Sikh temple, an even larger Mosque, several happy-clappy evangelical churches, a CRC and an RCA (both of which are ashamed of their Reformed heritage and are doing very poor imitations of Calvary Chapel), two mainline Protestant churches with empty parking lots, as well as the  "Full-Gospel Tabernacle."  And I'm sure I'm forgetting some.  Once again, no surprises here.  Click here: Survey shows Californians less religious than rest of nation - Los Angeles Times

Finally, the nanny state cancels a local sportday because someone might get hurt.  I thought scrapes and scars were part of growing up.  Remember the scene in Jaws when everyone compares their scars?  The two things the nanny state hates the most are boys growing up to become men (including the bumps and cuts that goes with that), and the sound of laughter and revelry (the sure indication that people really do better when they are free from needless government intrusion).  Click here: Sports day cancelled because uneven playing field is a health and safety risk - Telegraph

Reader Comments (24)


The labelling and strawman tactics you so keenly observed are very common on this Blog.


I find it very difficult to ask this question without sarcasm so I am alerting you in advance.

The most difficult aspect of discussing "reformed amillenialism" with most of the non-layman I have met is the lack of clarity. I am always pointed to a book, or the need for some type of special interpretation or an understanding of Greek or Hebrew.

I know he is a Preterist, but I watched a 2 hour sermon from Kenneth Gentry and what I gleaned was Revelation was nothing but Hebrew Symbolic language and the "common man" was incabable of understanding it, to be honest I tuned out at that point.

I guess my question would be: Can the common man read the Book of Revelation and understand it ? Or do we need to return the days of the Pope?

June 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterZechariah

There is no one on this blog who is more confusing than you are. You evade arguments, you rant, you engage in all sorts of logical fallacies.

There is also no one so arrogant as to write under the name of a "biblical" prophet.

If can't write under your own name, if you don't like what goes on here, then stopping reading this blog and post elsewhere.

June 27, 2008 | Registered CommenterKim Riddlebarger
The PCUSA voted today (June 27) to rewrite the Heidelberg Confession.
Re:James Dobson - he has done much good and was speaking to needs (family, church, political) before Christian radio was widespread. You don't need to attack just because you disagree. Practice some godly kindness and patience.
June 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterReformed Mama
Keep in mind that the Mayans had the most advanced and accurate astronomy of all ancient cultures, and their calendar is allegedly more accurate than the one we use now.

I read some stuff about their predictions of comets and eclipses (state of the art)and the claim that they tracked a comet that came around twice before and the next time is 2012. Supposedly it'll pass so close as to cause horrible tides inland, earthquakes, etc (if it doesn't hit us.) I don't read Mayan so its kind of hard to know who to believe when it comes to the translations.

But the bottom line is that I don't think it is supposed to be a religious false prophecy, it is supposedly astronomical fact.

We stock up anyway....if war with Iran hits consider it inflation insurance if oil hits 300 a barrel. Makes good sense to me.But I'm only 20 feet above sea level so if the Mayan comet really does come around in 2012, it might all get submerged along with my house :)
July 1, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercarolyn

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