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Muslim Plans to Convert the West and Other Interesting Links from Around the Blogosphere


Great to hear Pastor Todd Wilken and his producer Jeff Schwarz live again.  Be sure to listen to the very moving first hour of their return!  Click here: Issues, Etc. Radio Program

Believe it or not, Muslims planning to convert the decadent West to Islam, have what they think is a sure fire plan--"mut 'ah", that is multiple wives (up to four).  According to Mahdi Unite Muslims (MUM), when Westerners discover that they can have multiple wives  (legally) under Islam, they'll convert in droves.  Hmmm . . .  Not sure sure that Western women will be thrilled with this.  Divorce lawyers will love it, however!   Click here: Pajamas Media » Converting the West to Islam Through… Sex?

As evangelicalism continues its decline, adherents to paganism continue to grow.  By paganism, I mean real paganism, (Druidism, Wicca) along with all the ceremonies and pagan holidays that go with it.  Click here: Neopaganism growing quickly - The Denver Post.   Dr. Peter Jones has been a prophetic voice in this regard.   Be sure to check out his website. Click here: CWIPP: Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet

I love it when justice is served . . .   Those brave Episcopalians, who have left their ultra-liberal denomination, risked everything to do so (property, pensions, bank-accounts, etc.).  Now, blessedly, the court has ruled in their favor.  The church building belongs to the congregation, not the diocese.  Let the exodus begin!  Click here: Court: Episcopal dissidents can keep land - Faith- 

I've gotta get me one of these, kinda like a handicapped parking permit, only for pastors . . .  Its called a "pray and display" sticker and is issued (in the UK) so that pastors (and clerics from every religion under the sun) can double-park when paying a call upon someone in spiritual need.   As busy as  all the hospitals are around here, that might actually come in handy (pity the poor guys whose car gets blocked in the meantime!).  Click here: 'Pray and display' permits planned for religious leaders - Telegraph

Reader Comments (2)

Concerning 'Pray and display' perhaps you just need to come out to Philadelphia. Here, 'clergy' post signs as such in hopes to prevent ticking.
July 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterSteve G.
Well considering that anyone can buy a "Clergy Official Business" placard at the local Christian bookstore, I'd foresee a fair amount of mis-use.
July 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPB

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