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"Classic Reformed Theology" -- A New Series of Books

If you haven't seen this yet, be sure to check out Scott Clark's recent announcement regarding a new series of texts entitled "Classic Reformed Theology."

Richard Muller says of this series,

This is an important project that promises to make available in good editions and translations as series of eminent works of Reformed theology from the era of orthodoxy. These volumes will offer students of the Reformed tradition an invaluable resource and will hopefully stimulate interest in the highly refined and carefully defined thought of an era that was formative of the Reformed faith and that assured its intellectual and spiritual vitality for later generations.

More information on the series can be found on Scott's blog
Click here: Classic Reformed Theology Volume One: William Ames, Sketch of the Christian’s Catechism « Heidelblog

The first volume (Ames' Sketch of the Christian Catechism) can be ordered here.  Click here: Reformation Heritage Books

Scott's been pretty coy about subsequent volumes, but lets hope one of them is the Leiden Synopsis!

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