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While Protestants Debate the Merits of the Reformation . . .

While some among us are actually wondering whether or not the Reformation is over (or even if the Reformation was a good thing), Rome continues to be Rome.  Indulgences are back!  (Well, they never really left).  I guess if purgatory is a real place (and its not), the less time spent there the better.  Click here: Why Catholic Indulgences Are Making a Comeback - TIME

If you invite this lady's "husband" to sing at your church (not likely, I admit), be sure to not to say anything about the fact they are not really married and yet still sleep together, or else she'll get real mad and set fire to your church!   Click here: Gospel singer's wife accused of arson attempt -

Here's a look at part of the auction catalogue for some of Michael Jackson's stuff that he's been forced to sell.  At times, I've wondered how someone who makes so much money could be in such dire financial trouble.  Now I know.  I can't believe all the stuff this guy bought . . . Click here: Michael Jackson Auction Catalog 4

Mormon crickets?  They can't be as bad as Reformed roaches or Lutheran ladybugs.  But the worst are the Baptist beetles.  Click here: Elko Daily Free Press

Reader Comments (3)

I thought it was Baptist squirrels. You know - the Baptist church came up with the perfect way to rid the building of squirrels - baptized them all, made them members, never saw them again!
March 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPB
This indulgence thing was brought up on the Bill Maher show this past week. P. J. Rourke and the mayor of San Francisco were on the show (both are Catholics but not really practiciing ones like the new pope would exhort them to do). Maher even stated that this was the main thing Luther protested against early in the Reformation. Maher who often says some insightful things even though he is an atheist (now he is claiming to be agnostic rather than atheistic probably from the backlash of his new documentary) was at his best. The Catholics defense of the position was it was like being married you just say OK honey to avoid any argument. In other words you cannot defend faith positions rationally. Maher thought this was a ridiculous postion to take and I would have to agree with him. Is this not a confusion over the faith and reason issue? Or, am I off base here?
March 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Y
Michael Jackson must of been reliving what childhood he did not have.

Catholic's are just as bad as the christian bookstores with their Jesus Junk, only with catholic's it is Pope junk.
March 4, 2009 | Unregistered Commentertiminator

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