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"Risking the Truth" Now Available!

Martin Downes has put together a very interesting book which includes interviews on various topics with a number of church leaders, pastors, and theologians. I am a contributor (I deal with end times), as are Michael Horton and Scott Clark.

Here's the list of the chapters and contributors (along with links to Sinclair Ferguson's "Forward" and Carl Trueman's chapter):

Foreword (Sinclair Ferguson)
1. Heresy 101
2. Sin in High Places (Carl Trueman)
3. In My Place Condemned He Stood (Tom Schreiner)
4. The Agony of Deceit (Michael Horton)
5. The Faithful Pastor and the Faithful Church (Mark Dever)
6. Truth, Error and the Minister’s Task (Derek Thomas)
7. The Defense Against the Dark Arts (R. Scott Clark)
8. Heroes and Heretics (Iain D. Campbell)
9. The Good Shepherds (Tom Ascol)
10. A Debtor to Mercy Alone (Guy Waters)
11. Truth, Error and the End Times (Kim Riddlebarger)
12. Fulfill Your Ministry (Ron Gleason)
13. The Fight of Faith (Sean Michael Lucas)
14. Raising the Foundations (Gary L.W. Johnson)
15. Teaching the Whole Counsel of God (Conrad Mbewe)
16. Present Issues from a Long Term Perspective (Geoffrey Thomas)
17. Ministry Among Sheep and Wolves (Joel Beeke)
18. Error and the Church (Michael Ovey)
19. Will the Church Stand or Fall? (Ligon Duncan)
20. The Annihilation of Hell (Robert A. Peterson)
21. The Word of Truth (Greg Beale)
22. Being Against Heresies Is Not Enough
23. Clear and Present Danger

Here's the link to Risking the Truth on Amazon, Click here:

Reader Comments (4)

I have just read the interview with Carl Trueman,and was struck by the comment "With no catechisms and confessions of any depth, you
have few resources left in the face of a rising tide of theological
illiteracy which leaves the way open for all manner of
weird and wonderful stuff to fill the resulting vacuum". I found this interesting being a member of a church-Baptist-that does not use the confessions/creeds/catechisms,as they like to refer to themselves as being Bible based and see the confessions as perhaps just necessary for the reformation period. Not even the London Baptist Confession is referred to .what a rich treasure trove we are missing out on . the Belgic Confession-can you remove the reference to the AnaBaptists now please-,the Westminister Confession of faith,the Heidelberg Catechism and of course the Lutheran and AnaBaptist Confessions ,are ample teaching tools for the study of Scripture. So my task is to purchase copies of the confessions-cheaply-to read them and to talk about them in my Bible Study group. now that would be interesting.
July 4, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterwayne pelling
Wayne - Let me add to that from my (recently and not happily concluded) stint as pastor of a Baptist church: I endeavored to use the Heidelberg Catechism (G.I. Williamson's study guide) as a study tool, accepting that we would differ when we got to the sections on baptism, only to be countered with arguments about "Baptist distinctives" (those are local and individual preferences elevated to the status of theology IMHO). Being a Reformed / Calvinistic Baptist ain't easy - sometimes even here on the Riddleblog (s'ok, Pastor Kim, we still love you!).
July 4, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterpb
This book is on my "Wish List", as I have a few book in hand that yet need to be read.

Considering the issue of confessions and Baptists, having recently moved to a solid reformed Baptist church that uses the 1689 London Baptist Confession and has a catechism as part of the Sunday service, I can tell you there are some SBC churches that hold to the reformed doctrines AND catechisms that help teach God's Truths.

Let it be the aim of everyone who claims the name of Christ to live in obedience and proclaim the cross.
July 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterManfred
I still haven't read my copy of Man of Sin--should I still buy this book?

I must say I am tempted--it sounds very interesting.
July 6, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterpilgrim

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