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The Blessed Hope -- Tonight's Academy Lecture

Lecture Title:  "The Blessed Hope -- Part One"

Lecture Contents:  The most important eschatological event in the New Testament is the second advent of Jesus Christ, our blessed hope.  In this lecture we will discuss those events associated with Christ's return:  The resurrection, the judgment, and cosmic renewal.

Instructor:  Dr. Kim Riddlebarger

TextbooksA Case for Amillennialism (Baker 2003), The Man of Sin (Baker, 2006)

About the Academy:  The Academy meets at Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim.  The lectures begin at 7:30 p.m., are free of charge, and are followed by a time for questions and answers, as well as a time for fellowship and refreshments.

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Reader Comments (1)

Reading this book, more than once btw, brought me the closest I've ever come from converting from Progressive Dispensationalism to Amillennialism. The point that really sticks out, and this is a point that many dispys (esp. classic/revised) would do well to take to heart, is the point on Rom 9--11 and the idea that 'Reformed Amillers' actually still see a "distinction" between Israel (remnant) and the Church (albeit within the framework of 'one people of God' like I do). I think if many dispys could appreciate this point they would quit calling or caricaturing Amillennialism as "Replacement Theology;" it clearly is not (will at least not all quarters).

This is a good book, Kim, I just can't make the break, completely (I am at least Progressive ;-).
March 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBobby Grow

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