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Rod Rosenbladt on "Issues, Etc."

Our favorite Lutheran and my White Horse Inn compatriot, Dr. Rod Rosenbladt is doing a series this week on "Issues, Etc." on the subject "Christ alone."

Here's the first program (from Monday). Christ Alone, Part One

Here's the second (from Tuesday); Christ Alone, Part Two

Here's the third (from Wednesday); Christ Alone, Part Three

Here's the fourth (from Thursday); Christ Alone, Part Four

Here's the fifth broadcast (from Friday); Christ Alone, Part Five

Reader Comments (1)

This Issues Etc. series was outstanding. The body of Christ (not merely Lutherans) should be excited about programs like Issues Etc. and topics like a five-day explanation of Christ alone. As your brother in Christ, I urge you to please download, listen to, and study these broadcasts. Please recommend them also to friends.

(Disclosure: I am not associated with either Issues Etc or Dr. Riddlebarger. I have listened to both over the years and found this series to be most informative.)
December 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPhileoTruth

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