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Horton on Piety vs. Pietism

Horton tackles a very important issue:

"The much-publicized `Young, Restless, Reformed' movement tends to side with pietism in this debate. While passionate critics of the nearly Pelagian revivalism of the Second Great Awakening (especially exemplified in Charles Finney), this movement’s leaders are equally ardent defenders of the First Great Awakening (especially exemplified in Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield). Then the `confessionalists' (some of them, at least) claim John Williamson Nevin in his famous contrast between `the system of the Catechism' and `the system of the anxious bench.'”

Finney?  Edwards and the First Great Awakening?  Or neither?

You can read Horton's take on this here:  Horton on Pietism vs. Piety

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