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Calling All Riddlebargers, Riddlebergers, Riddlesbergers, and Riddlespurgers

For any of my cousins who might be lurking about, or doing google searches on our family history, I finally posted my latest update to the family history.

The document shown is the list of "Palatines" who arrived in Philadephia on September 29, 1733 on the Pink (the type of ship) Mary.  Christian Retelsberger (Riddlespurger) is the first of our clan to arrive from Rotterdam, via Portsmouth.

Here's a link to the updated file of Christian's descendants -- anyone named Riddlebarger, Riddlesberger, Riddleberger, or Riddlespurger.

If you have any additional info, corrections, etc., please let me know.  Or just let me know that you are out there!

Descendants of Christian Riddlespurger

Reader Comments (3)

Positively fascinating! Connections to the "Erasmus" family was noteworthy.
We have some Reigelspergers in a bedroom community east of Indianapolis. I think the family was forced to change a letter for every state they crossed while moving west.
May 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPaul
Hello Cousins... my great x4 grandfather was Erasmus Riddlespurger. His son, William begot Judge Iverson who begot Annie Katherine (Mammaw) who married Oliver Flint Ruble who together begot Etta Euginia Ruble (Granny) who marrier Roy Albert, Sr who together begot Roy Albert, Jr who married Virginia Ann Wylie and my sisters Kathy & Cindy & I are who they begot! Oh, and I begot Michael Albert who begot the newest Albert (I think)... Olivia Jane on May 4th of last year. I think that catches part of the family up... sort of... I guess... lol.
April 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Albert

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