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Horton on George Barna's Research Methodology

Mike Horton was on Issues, Etc., yesterday discussing George Barna's questionable research methods.

Here's the audio:  Horton on Barna

Reader Comments (1)

A year or so after we left a Calvary Chapel I ran into a dear woman who asked me where my family was now fellowshipping. I remember being haughty( after I was out of earshot of her) over the breeziness of the language( I also don't like the use of 'message' instead of sermon or 'talk' instead of preaching...... Aren't I special [sic] ! ) I had heard RC Sproul talk about the holiness of God and why churches should have a "threshold" experience. Tragically, it is not only this experience that is missing from churches.
At church we hear Christ exaulted and receive the comfort of the gospel and nourishment in the supper, not to mention fellowship with those who have also joined themselves to the congregation where we together take refuge in what Christ has done for us.
If the culture is changing every 3 to 5 yrs I sure as heck don't need the added anxiety that the church would utilize a research group to facilitate the "transformation process" as if the church didn't already have a Head. Maybe Christian transformation is measured in six-core steps while watching out for the 10 stops,but I'd rather not have them enumerated so. What did the church do before the invention of the performance metric! Poor John Bunyan, what will we do with him now?
September 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSusan V.

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