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What Joel Osteen Can Do that the Washington Nationals Cannot

Dr. Brian Lee, pastor of the "other" Christ Reformed Church in Washington DC.,  has a great essay on Joel Osteen in today's Daily Caller.

For a resolution to the riddle posed above, you will have to read Brian's essay.  Click Here

I am amazed by Osteen's uncanny ability to preach the same sermon every time he preaches, yet make it sound so different from the last time he preached it!


Reader Comments (2)

Great article. I know in the pastors' group of which I'm a member, the other two members who pastor small Calvinistic Baptist churches (relax KR, an argument for another time) regularly bemoan having to deal with folks pining after or leaving for the next new thing that comes through town. Faithful weekly exposition of the Scriptures, Law and Gospel, seems to count for little. All of Paul's predictions in 2 Timothy (esp. 2 Tim 4) could have been written today as well as 2000 years ago.
May 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpb
Does Osteen able to do anything like written in this article ?
May 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoel Osteen Tickets

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