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Horton on Same-Sex Marriage

Mike Horton addresses the question of same sex marriage.  He writes, "how would someone who believes that sin is unhappiness and salvation is having `your best life now' make a good argument against same-sex marriage? There is simply no way of defending traditional marriage within the narrative logic that apparently most Christians—much less non-Christians—presuppose regardless of their position on this issue."

Mike's point is that same-sex marriage is here to stay until the basic narrative changes.  Sin is not "unhappiness" but a violation of God's law.  The gospel is not "your best life now," but the good news that Jesus saves us from our violations of God's law.  If we don't get that right, we can't change the narrative.

You can read the entire essay here.  Click Here


Reader Comments (1)

I agree with what Mike is saying but not too hopeful on the prescription - to 'change the narrative'. Changing the narrative in the Christian church would be monumental however, changing it in the public disourse not likely. I think this is what they call a cultural war - Christian narrative based upon Holy Writ vs human reason that denies all sin an promotes every man as a law unto himself. There is no resolving this conflict until the new heaven and earth. I think we need to get ready for a bumpy ride and our children will be in the front lines in the coming years.
May 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDSz

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