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Ken Jones on "Routine Traffic Stops" and the Trayvon Martin Case

Ken Jones addresses this controversial subject on the White Horse Inn blog.  Click Here

Reader Comments (2)

First of all, I think that Ken Jones is a great man, pastor and teacher. I took a couple of his classes at CRC and we would have some fun conversations at coffee breaks.

After living in Southern California for about 47 years and moving to the political hot bed of Arizona I have some opinions.

First of all, my wife of 18 years is hispanic. We have adopted 4 children including one hispanic-Italian, and one Saudi Arabian girl. Thanks to the grace of God, they are doing very well and have their hearts and minds set on going to college and being good Lutheran Christians.

I do see Pastor Jones viewpoint and struggles because of his skin color. Sure, it is true.

That being said, we all profile. Every one of us, from the second that we see or meet someone, we form an opinion of them by the way that they dress, look or talk. My son Joshua (like a lot of teens) went through a phase where he would wear his pants down low. He also started getting questions from the officers while walking home from school. My teenage daughter (Theofane), wife and me told him that he was bringing this on to himself with his dress. He finally listened to us and now he wears his pants normally and he no longer gets hassled by the police just for walking home from school.

My wife is a U.S. citizen from Mexico, and she agrees with what Sheriff Joe is doing here in fighting illegal immigration.

A while back I had a next door neighbor that was a police officer and he told us to view anyone that we never saw before (even those riding bikes) as suspicious if they were in our neighborhood.

The problem with the Trayvon Martin case is that the media (and even Obama himself with his comments that "he looks like Travon Martin" have made this a racial issue. Just because Trayvon Martin is black (he is also not white) they are turning this case into a black-white racial case.

I have never seen a president thrive on turning everything into class warfare like Obama has. Rich versus poor. Blacks against whites. Women that work versus women that stay at home (relegating the needs of women as nothing more than getting birth control pills and government handouts, rather than being concerned about their children getting jobs and living productive American lives).

Let us hope and pray that Romney is elected so that our country can return to normal again. Folks have had enough of no jobs, poverty, racism and class warfare. We don't need this type of change, thank you.
May 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLloyd I. Cadle
Last add Trayvon Martin case -

I was in a rush this morning-on my way to work. Zimmerman is not even white. Yet, the media is making him out to be white because he is not black. They are turning this into a black and white racial case.

It seems like ever since Obama has taken over it is getting worse by the socond.
May 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLloyd I. Cadle

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