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Rome Sweet Home? Horton on Why Protestants Are Drawn to Rome

Michael Horton is beginning a series on why Protestants find themselves attracted to Rome.

You can find the first installment here:  Click Here

Reader Comments (1)

It has to be purely philisophical reasons to reject the imputation of Christ's active and passive obedience for the patently unbiblical doctrines and false gospel which includes the tresury of merit, indulgences, purgatory, mary the queen of heaven,etc. They suck one in by pure epistemelogical what ifs, and hwo do you know. Jesus dealt with similar things in rebuffing the Judaistic seat of "authority" by saying you nullify the commandments of God by your traditions, and taking away their authority and proviledge and giving it to another who would bear the fruits thereof. Great were all agreed on the NT canon contents. Now, which side is actually believing and teaching it?
June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMichial

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