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Mike Horton on the Question, "Doesn't Science Disprove Christianity?"

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This is really beginning to be a disturbing trend among those who claim to be Reformed, in that our theologians are rejecting orthodoxy in terms of Genesis 1-11. This video doesn't help assuage my fears that Reformed Theologians doubt, if not outright reject a literal six day creation and a literal global flood.

I have lived long enough to see the usual dodges where Th.D theologians don't want to be outgrouped or ridiculed by other Ph.Ds in terms of accepting the "non-scientific" explanations of origins. I have yet to see any Reformed Theologian accurately recognize that Historical Science is not Science in that none of the claims can be verified, tested or observed - it is just speculation on cherry-picked evidence. So here we see one theologian after another come up with equally implausible explanations that are in direct conflict with Scripture and mock Science in the attempt to somehow appease the miseotheistic philosophers posing as scientists in the intellectual community.

I have heard Day-Age, Gap, Analogy, and convoluted explanations that are made convoluted to obfuscate the fact that the theologian is indeed ashamed of the Gospel - at least in terms of Origins. But this is the new trend, where folks like Sproul and Mathison actually publish a book that says "We believe the Bible to be inerrant". Which any statement to the contrary gets them out-grouped from the Fundamental and Evangelical camps. But then we have this new twist - "We can't trust out interpretation of it". In the case of Mathison's book, he revises history in regards to Copernicus to make the false claim that science proved the interpretation of Christian scholars wrong and that the Reformed View must be that we simply reply to the scoffer "We Don't Know".

What seems to be the error now and is repeated in this Horton video, is to make the claim that we can't possibly understand Genesis 1-11, and thus the argument is made that the remainder of Scriptures are equally enigmatic. Bluntly speaking, Horton, Sproul and Mathison (among others) are claiming that they can't handle the simple things of God yet we should trust them with deep understanding of the more finer points of Reformed Theology. I can easily teach YEC, but Covenant Theology is more of a synthesis, and the new Reformed meme is to say the simple can't be understood, only the synthetic and abstract.

For millennia, faithful believers have had no problems believing in a literal six day Creation and a literal global Flood. Yet Horton, Sproul, Amthison et al throws their hands up in the air and says the Bible is a closed book closed to them. (1 Corinthians 2:14 Principle). The same God that revealed Himself to the ancients, preserved His testimony for us today and generations beyond, gave us Genesis 1-11 and He meant for it to be understood and guarantees it through enlightenment of the Paraclete - yet our Reformed Heroes try to tell us that if Secular Science says we are wrong then its not the Bible's fault since it is inerrant, we must accept the "fact" that the Holy Spirit has not seen fit to open up these Truths to us.

I'm sorry. These Reformed cowards can be ashamed of the Gospel when they are outside of the safe environments of fellow Christians, but if they can't be trusted with Genesis 1-11, how can they possibly be trusted with ANY doctrine of the Bible. Are we supposed to deny the Death And Resurrection next because Science says resurrection of the dead can't be done? The Bible has the Truth in there, but God simply hasn't revealed to us the Truth and so we foolishly misinterpret the Scriptures to think that Jesus actually rose from the dead?

KR - you really need to step up and get ahead of this, I'm not the only one who is observing this cowardice from our teachers. And this is actually terrible advice from our betters who scold us deluded "Fundamentalists" (as Horton says) for actually believing what we think God said over the proven erroneous claims by Fallen Man. Horton has no Right to tell us anything when he himself hides.
December 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAWG

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