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Scott Clark on the Federal Vision and the Meyers Case

Scott Clark has completed his two part interview with pastor M. Jay Bennett.  I highly recommend these interviews to readers of the Riddleblog, especially if this subject is new to you.   

The Federal Vision (which has been officially rejected by most of the NAPARC churches) still finds its way into "Reformed" and "Presbyterian" churches--only once it does so, the commitment of these churches to their confessions, and the clear teaching of God's word on the subjects of covenant, justification, baptism, and apostasy, becomes an open question.

There have been several church trials dealing with cases of ministers advocating the Federal Vision, one of which is recounted by Rev. M. Jay Bennett, who served as prosecutor in the case of Rev. Jeffrey Meyers, a PCA pastor in the Missouri Presbytery.  Rev. Bennett discusses the Meyers case with Dr. Clark. 

The Heidelcast -- The Meyers Case, Part 1

The Heidelcast -- The Meyers Case, Part 2

Reader Comments (1)

KR this is great stuff thanks for posting. RSC may not believe in "Reformed Baptists" but this RB is grateful for his exposition of this subject.
FV ends up being Rome all over again it seems, at least based on the explanation I heard here.
December 16, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterpb

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