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Gay Marriage: Much More than a Social Revolution

Rod Dreher's recent essay, "Sex After Christianity" is a must read (Sex After Christianity).

Dreher points out that

The magnitude of the defeat suffered by moral traditionalists will become ever clearer as older Americans pass from the scene. Poll after poll shows that for the young, homosexuality is normal and gay marriage is no big deal—except, of course, if one opposes it, in which case one has the approximate moral status of a segregationist in the late 1960s.

He concludes,

Gay marriage signifies the final triumph of the Sexual Revolution and the dethroning of Christianity because it denies the core concept of Christian anthropology. In classical Christian teaching, the divinely sanctioned union of male and female is an icon of the relationship of Christ to His church and ultimately of God to His creation. This is why gay marriage negates Christian cosmology, from which we derive our modern concept of human rights and other fundamental goods of modernity. Whether we can keep them in the post-Christian epoch remains to be seen.

Equally important is Peter Jones' response to Dreher's essay (A Response to Rod Dreher).  Dr. Jones contends

The homosexual agenda is silencing every memory of behavior, speech, religious conviction, and public policy that reminds people that heterosexuality is the God-created norm for human sexuality. Anyone who adheres to such a heterosexual norm dares say so only at the risk of being arrested for discriminatory bullying.

He adds,

This old Western "Christian" world is indeed "coming apart" and in its place rises a "new world" of multi-sexual liberation, systematically promoted by both an ideological pagan Oneism and a determined elimination of the binary structure of theistic Twoism, which Scripture teaches is the way the world was made. Many in evangelicalism fail to see or refuse to see what is going on. Their superficial solutions only compound the problems.

Reader Comments (3)

My daughter is often criticized for her views on homosexuality (anti-gay marriage) from all of her friends who claim to be protestant Christians, born and raised in "conservative" Orange County, CA.
April 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBobby
Yes,it will happen.
No, there is nothing Christians can do about it.
The horrors of this reality are only slightly mitigated, by those of us who refuse to say things like, "this used to be a Christian nation till those danged secular humanists ruined it!", with the realization that Christians once walked down streets where one pagan temple adjoined the next; and all day long their children had to walk past male and female prostitues whose intent was to indoctrinate by hook or by crook new members into their wonderful religion.
I know, it sounds like Vegas but I was thinking of Rome.
April 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterB.johnson
"[I]n the modern era, we have inverted the role of culture. Instead of teaching us what we must deprive ourselves of to be civilized, we have a society that tells us we find meaning and purpose in releasing ourselves from the old prohibitions."

Yea, verily. We have become so bent in on ourselves that we no longer fight our sinful desires to adhere to a transcendant ideal, but instead fight the transcendant to express our "true selves" in acceding to every lust we feel. Our anti-culture leads straight to hell.
May 1, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPatricio Llamada

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