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The Five Most Disturbing Things About a Benny Hinn Rally

I recently came across an interesting eyewitness account from someone who attended a Benny Hinn rally in New York.

The author showed great restraint in limiting herself to only five "disturbing things" about a Benny Hinn rally.  She implied that there were many more, and I would expect that to be the case.

Since I would never set foot in such a place, an account from someone who did recently is of interest to me, and perhaps to you as well.

The Five Most Disturbing Things

Reader Comments (1)

I always felt Benny Hinn is demonic. I also find it interesting that he picked Benny Hinn as his non de guerre. His real name is Toufik Benedictu. I always associate the name Benny Hinn as a word play on the Valley of Ben Hinnom, which as I recall is often used as a euphemism for hell in the Bible. I assumed that if Hinn were from the unholy side of things, he would pick such a name as a grand joke on his duped followers.
January 8, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterreg

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