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This Week's White Horse Inn

Identity In the Age of the Selfie

We are continuing our series on Brand Me on the White Horse Inn. This week we will be having a roundtable discussion concerning forming identity in the digital age. Whether in movies, commercial advertisements, or social media, we’re constantly bombarded with images of the good life. But images are often manipulated and, in the process, so are we. What unique challenges and practices inform the Christian’s understanding of identity in such a context?

Have we bought into the assumptions of consumerism, materialism, and autonomy? How should Christians think about the issue of identity in our time? On this program, producer Shane Rosenthal fills in as host and is joined by Kelly Kapic, Matt Vos, and Tim Morris from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Join us this week on another edition of the White Horse Inn as we discuss identity in the age of the selfie.

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