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It Snows in LA Too!

As our friends in the East get clobbered with yet another severe winter storm, we in the West, especially in California, are in the midst of a severe drought.

But it does snow here too--just in small amounts and every twenty-five years or so.  LA got two inches of snow in 1932 (the record).  The local mountains get a decent amount of snow, but it is rare in the LA basin.  Snow in Los Angeles

Orange County has had small amounts of snow (flurries, really) in isolated areas the last couple of winters--with quite a bit up in the foothills in December.  But we've seen nothing like the winter of 1947 when it snowed for three consecutive days!

Meanwhile, it is in the mid-70's as I write this.  If we don't get a whole bunch of rain before the end of March, we are gonna have a miserable hot and dry summer of fires and state-wide mandatory water rationing.  No watering of lawns, dirty cars, and two minute showers.

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Catalina cloaked in white?! That I'd like to see!
February 4, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterPatricio

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