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Who Is Watching Joel?

Who is watching Joel Osteen?  Not I!  But he does amaze me.  How can he preach on the exact same topic every Sunday--"God wants me to be better"--and, yet make it seem different?

When it comes to Christian media, and who accesses it, the numbers are revealing.  Who Is Watching TV or Listening to Christian Radio?

Only 8% of Americans admit to watching Christian television regularly--I'll bet the demographics here are interesting.  Probably older women with blue hair, who live below the Mason-Dixon line, and east of Mississippi.

24% watch Christian TV "sometimes," 27% "rarely," and 40% "never."

Christian radio fares a tad worse.  10% listen "regularly," 17% "sometimes," 19% "rarely,"  52% "never."

Podcast numbers are low (the media is new).  4% "regularly," 10% "sometimes," 11% "rarely," 72% "never."

The numbers also show that

  • 67 percent of Americans never or rarely watch Christian-based programming on television. Those who do watch at least sometimes are overwhelmingly self-identified evangelicals (69 percent) and weekly churchgoers (62 percent).
  • 71 percent never or rarely listen to Christian radio. Those who do are similar to the Christian TV crowd — 67 percent are evangelicals and 57 percent are weekly churchgoers.
  • 84 percent of Americans never or rarely listen to Christian-themed podcasts. Books and movies fared slightly better: 33 percent said they at least sometimes read Christian-based books. And 40 percent report seeing a Christian movie in the last year.


Reader Comments (2)

Hey Kim,

That was an odd stereotype about women with blue hair. I live in the deep south and I don't think I've ever seen blue hair, except during Mardi Gras for dressing up!
February 27, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterBrian Davilla
But there is always Pat and PTL for comedic entertainment:
March 2, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRichard

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