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This Week's White Horse Inn

Creation, Fall, & Redemption (Part 2)

On this program the hosts continue their series titled, The Story of God’s People. We are taking a look at the great characters and moments of redemptive history. In the book of Genesis man is created from the dust, and after the fall he is cursed with death and returns back to the dust from which he came. Yet is this the end of man? Is he forever doomed to live in the dust?

If you trace this theme through Scripture, you will discover that the Messiah himself was to be “laid in the dust of death” (Ps. 22:15), so that we could be raised to eternal life in him. In this program the hosts continue to unpack the themes found in the early chapters of Genesis as they continue their series, The Story of God’s People. Join us for this exciting episode of the White Horse Inn.

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