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This Week's White Horse Inn

What People Believe and Why

On this program the hosts begin a new series as we prepare for Easter in celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord. As we come closer to this time, we have continually found that the necessity for an examination of the historic truth claims of Christianity is continuously needed. If you ask people on the street what they believe about God and the afterlife, you’re likely to get a wide variety of answers. But an important follow-up question you should ask is, “Why do you believe that?”

On this program the hosts will listen to and interact with a number of on-the-street interviews dealing with basic religious questions. Why do people believe what they believe, and do the answers they provide work in other areas of life? Is it arrogant to believe in a factual religion? Why or why not? Join us for this broadcast of the White Horse Inn as we begin a new series, focusing on the resurrection as the foundation of the Christian faith.

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