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"The Lion of Princeton" -- Podcast Discussion on B. B. Warfield

I was recently a guest on the podcast "Equipping You in Grace" hosted by Dave Jenkins

You can listen here:  The Lion of Princeton -- Podcast

Here's some of the ground we covered:

A brief sketch of B.B. Warfield’s life and importance to American evangelicalism and the greater Body of Christ. 

What can we learn from how B.B. Warfield’s approach to dealing with and responding to criticism? 

How Warfield’s work on the doctrine of Scripture helps Christians respond to attacks on the doctrine of Scripture today.

What Christians today can learn from B.B. Warfield’s response to attacks on the person and work of Christ along with his approach to engaging these and other issues.

What B.B. Warfield can teach those deeply committed to the task and work of theology in the local church about loving and caring for our wives and families.

What contributions the Old Princeton theologians like Warfield made to the Church of his time and continued to make on the Church today.

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