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Five Generations of the Descendents of Christian Retelsberger [Rotlisperger] 

I have posted an updated version of "Five Generations of The Descendents of Christian Reteleberger (Rotlisperger)."  Christian arrived in the New World in September of 1733, and placed his initials in the ship's log (Pink Mary).  See above.

I hope to continue to find new cousins (I have found over 50 so far since I first posted this in 2011!) and to dispell several long standing errors regarding the Riddlebarger family history--i.e., that Christian was in someway connected to the Georgia Salzburgers--he wasn't.

I've also included a "DNA" synopsis, which ties together the Riddlebargers of Virginia and Ohio, my line, as well as all other Riddlebergers, Riddlesbergers, and Riddlespurgers.  We are all descendents of Christian Retelsberger (Riddlespurger) who, as DNA testing has established, was himself a descendent of the "Rotlisperger" family of Bern.

You can find the documents here:  Riddlebarger Family History


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