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Political Prognostications and Other Interesting Stuff from the Blogosphere

Here's one political prognosticator who got the election right. Wow. I predicted that it would be Hillary (because the Clinton's would clean Obama's clock) and Rudy Giuliani (because I thought he'd run a good campaign). Boy, was I wrong.  But this guy nailed it--at least on the Democrat side.  Click here: Obama in `08: O yes? Or o no? | Change of Subject

I wonder, is this what preterists mean when they say Jesus came back in the clouds in A.D. 70? Well, maybe he came back on the clouds again.  Oh wait . . .  this was on WorldnetDaily, your source for nutty eschatological rumors.  Click here: Did Jesus recently appear in clouds?

Here's more warmed-over theological liberalism, this time from an Australian catholic priest who happens to sound just like an ECUSA minister.  I love the title of his book. "God Is Big. Real Big."  Rev. Dresser, "you are wrong. Very wrong."  Click here: - Priest's 'Jesus Wasn't God' Book on Sale -- in Church - International News | News of the World | Mid

How about vandalism in the name of "Christian" Graffiti art? I say make the guy clean up the mess, so that taxpayers don't have to. Click here: Tagging God's message -Times Online

Reader Comments (2)

Gotta say, the graffiti artist is pretty good. His theological articulation less so.
November 2, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterChar
Hey Guys:

Tuesday might be our big day. If Obama goes in, we'll all have the same amount of money!

We can just lay down on our couches and have the government serve us!
November 2, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLloyd

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