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More Good Stuff from Scott Clark

Springs Reformed Church in Colorado Springs, CO, has posted audio from their recent conference (Reformation weekend) featuring Scott Clark.  Was the Reformation a mistake?  Scott sure doesn't think so!

Click here: - Springs Reformed Church - RPCNA

Reader Comments (1)

Listening to this I was reminded that we almost have to preface everything we say in regards to theological truth with a defense that arriving at theological truth is a possibility. This is why I thought Kim Riddlebargers thesis paper on B.B. Warfield was so enlightening to me. Scottish Common Sense Realism gives us a grid to evaluate truth claims. Now convincing people of this can be a difficult and tricky endeavor but it can be done if they are willing to follow the argument. People are kind of resistant to listening to fairly complex arguments these days though but SCR is fairly simple to follow and God has implanted in us the ability to use our common sense no matter what our IQ is. Besides, IQ is seen by many psychologists these days as a not so worthwhile measure of intelligence. This is what I was thinking about while listening to the tape. We can present all the historical relevant facts in an argument and it will not register as significant to others if they are functioning under the presupposition that theological truth is not a possibility. SCR allows us to explain to others that God can communicate to us truths about redemption and His plan for humanity and what we need to be redeemed from in words and propositions in a way that we "get it."
December 10, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Yeazel

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