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"Issues, Etc." -- Update

Issues%20Etc.gifFor the latest news on the situation regarding "Issues, Etc." go here:  Click here: Bring Back Issues Etc.  This blog is updated regularly, has all the latest news, links, and instructions about how to register your protest.

If you haven't, be sure to sign the on-line petition (now over 4300), and keep sending emails to the "powers that be."  If you have a moment, read through the names and comments in the on-line petition.  People from every age, station in life, ethnicity, and background, all describe how much they love hearing the gospel.  It is very encouraging. 

There are some encouraging signs that this decision may be reversed (or at least the board of communications will be forced to reconsider).  But it is vital that we keep up the pressure--especially before that meeting.   What makes the biggest impression on an LCMS bureaucrat is an email from someone who is not LCMS, but who enjoys "Issues, Etc." and who then takes the time to send an email of complaint.  Bureaucrats hate to be questioned.  So, by all means, question them!

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