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A Tacky Firing and Links to Other Stuff Around the Web

links%203.bmpIf you are a baseball fan, you've heard all the about the tacky way in which the Mets handled the situation with their manager, Willie Randolph.  Mets management kept telling him one thing, all the while planning to fire him.  Then, for some reason known only to the heartless hacks who own the team, they let Randolph travel all the way to Anaheim (where the Mets are playing the Angels).  Then they fire him and his two most trustworthy assistants at 12:01 AM, (3:00 AM in New York), when hopefully, no one will notice. 

Reading this (I don't care a whit about the Mets, but think highly of Willie from his days with the Yankees) it struck me . . .  Where have I heard this before?  The way in which the Mets owners (the Wilpons) handled this, bears a striking resemblance to the way in which LCMS President Kieschnick and David Strang orchestrated the firing of Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz, along with the cancellation of Issues, Etc., on Monday of Holy Week.  As you read Olney's lambaste of the Mets, see if you see the same parallels I do to the bureaucrats running the LCMS.  Click here: ESPN - Buster Olney Blog

Speaking of baseball, baseball fans will rejoice in this great resource,  a concise and seemingly exhaustive set of links to every news story and blog dealing with baseball.  Boy, it would be nice if someone would do this with websites of interest to Reformed Christians.   Everything a baseball fan could ever need is on a single page!  Click here: Baseball

Reader Comments (7)

This baseball firing and the LCMS treatment of "Issues, etc." is simply reminiscent of corporate America as a whole. I worked for over 35 years in the telecom industry, which, having overstaffed for decades to meet the requirements for PUC-mandated upgrading of switching equipment and distribution facilities, began a series of consolidations and downsizing campaigns throughout the 80's and 90's and into the current century. These cut-backs were only exacerbated by deregulation in the long distance and customer owned equipment sectors.

I knew people who received "pink slip" notices on FAX machines and in voice mails. I recall other instances where all employees in a given job class were required to show up at an out-of-franchise motel, only to be informed by HR that two-thirds of their jobs were being eliminated and, according to seniority, they had to decide on-the-spot whether or not they were willing to take a similar position, often hundreds of miles away - and they would be required to report to that location on the following Monday - or else be fired. People were becoming physically ill in the parking lot.

It's this heartless treatment of people as "human resources" to be used by the corporation as it saw fit that led to the indifferent attitude and lack of loyalty that many employees have these days. Too bad, though, that the church has to behave that way....
June 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGeorge
Kim said:

"Boy, it would be nice if someone would do this with websites of interest to Reformed Christians."

Didn't already do that?!?
June 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Bruce
Somehow the baseball omni-site lacks a link to the red sox premier web link:

It generally is a good (quick) read about all things red sox and occasional digs at the evil empire.
June 17, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterreg
Back when Wilken and Schwartz were fired by the LCMS, I thought that they had been treated with less respect than a behind-the-counter employee at a fast food restaurant.

In light of John 13:35 (By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.), this treatment is very disturbing.
June 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDB
Wow! That baseball link clearinghouse is fantastic!
Thank you for turning me on to it, I can see many hours of reading in my long-term future coming.
As a lifelong hard-core baseball fan (the Pirates are my team), and a 20+ year veteran of fantasy league running and playing, this is something I will use to its fullest.

I cam recommend to any other fantasy baseballer this site - -

It is free and has the latest injuries, trades and call-ups. I often disagree with the site owners opinions about the news items, but I have to say its the best info one can get when you need to know about a player quickly.

I emailed the site owner in spring training to tell him that he (along with most other baseball sites), was wrong about Ronny Paulino being the Pirates starting catcher, that it was going to be Ryan Doumit.

He ignored my advice, but I drafted Doumit in my league and he's been a great help. I took Nate McLouth too, and I know most people missed that one too.

Nate has always had power and hit good, he just needed someone to believe in him. Former Pirate manager Jim Tracy was blind to him, wrongly seeing him as a fourth outfielder type.
(Tracy also thought Freddy Sanchez was inferior to 40 year old Joe Randa, so that wasn't a great surprise).
June 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJames Paul

The real church, that is, the Naos, doesnt behave that way. Only that faux-church, the outer sanctuary, which is all around us behaves that way.
June 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJames Paul
James Paul,
which it were that simple, my friend, but there are all sorts of horror stories out there regarding how our "Reformed" churches have treated their pastors.

June 22, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterIvan

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