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Mike Horton in CT -- Twenty Years Later

Christianity Today has posted Mike's review of N. T. Wright's book After You Believe:  Why Character Matters (HarperOne, March 2009).  (h.t. Scott Clark)

Horton argues that like Wright's other works, After You Believe is characterized by much wisdom and insight, but is marred by Wright's dismissal (and at times misrepresentation) of Lutheran and Reformed teaching on the same subject.

Here's Michael's conclusion:

"While there are many good biblical-theological studies that make the same points, Wright—ever the master of metaphor and turns of phrase—is especially effective in communicating the richness of the Bible's eschatological horizon to a wide audience. Nevertheless, his imprecision about the views that he targets for criticism is careless, depriving him—and his readers—of resources and allies for a message that is on so many points a vital and necessary corrective."

You can find the entire review here:  Click here

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