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Now, I Have "Issues, Etc."

I will be Todd Wilken's guest on today's program.  I'm on at 2:00 PST to discuss Todd's recent interview with Dr. Tom Ice (on pretribulationism).  You can listen live here (Click Here), and I will post the link to the podcast when it is available.

Reader Comments (1)

This is getting just a tad old and stale...I notice you and your buddies at Issues NEVER explain the fact that one CAN believe in a Tribulation and a Rapture (secret or not) WITHOUT accepting the entire Dispensational system.

BTW: God has a plan for ALL nations (not just Israel) - He is soverign over all.

Stop trying to characterize ALL CHRISTIANS who believe in the Tribulation and Rapture into the Hal Lindsay/Tim Lahaye camp
June 23, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterzechariah

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