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Special Discount for the White Horse Inn Weekend in Vail, Colorado

We are making plans for our White Horse Inn weekend in Vail, Colorado, this coming July.

I invite you to join me and the rest of the White Horse Inn hosts along with a number of special guests (including Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason, Hicham Chehab, a Lutheran minister to Muslims, Isaac Shaw, who is the Executive Director of The Delhi Bible Institute, and our emcee, Adam Christing, the founder of Clean Comedians).

Readers of the Riddleblog can take $50.00 off your registration fees by using the code, "Riddleblog" when you register (there is a special link on the registration page for promotional codes--enter "Riddleblog" there).

For more information, or to register, go here:  White Horse Inn Weekend in Vail

I really do hope to see you there!  The best thing about these events is that we (the White Horse Inn hosts) get to meet our listeners!

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