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Update--The Annual Summer Slow Down

Things here at the Riddleblog have been slow and are about to get slower.  The missus and I are soon headed to the White Horse Inn Weekend (in Vail), will return home for a bit before taking our annual trek to the Eastern Sierras to join family, friends, and church folk for a few days enjoying the great scenery and fellowship such a trek always generates.

It has been a busy and hectic summer so far.  I've completed my chapter for a forthcoming book from Crossway entitled, Reformation Theology, edited by Matthew Barrett, and which includes essays from Carl Trueman, J.V. Fesko, Gerald Bray, Michael Reeves, Cornel Venema, Douglas Kelly, Keith Mathison and many others.  My contribution is "The Eschatology of the Reformers."  This should be a great book, and I'll keep posted about the details. 

I have also completed my lecture on the Trinity for the WHI weekend, and managed to tape a few White Horse Inn sessions on "Hospitality"--a subject which will surprise you, and which I think you'll find very profound and thought-provoking.  Two new hosts sat in with Michael and me: Justin Holcomb (an Anglican) and Steve Parks (a Lutheran professor at Concordia who teaches with Dr. Rosenbladt).  I think you'll enjoy their contributions and personalities.

I will post when I can, hopefully with some good pictures from the WHI Weekend.

Enjoy your summer!

Reader Comments (1)

I was just reading a review of a book by Justin Holcomb and the reviewer said that he is sympathetic towards High Church Anglicanism (Roman Catholic?). Is that just the reviewer's mistaken view? My understanding is that the Anglican Church through the 39 Articles is considered a Reformation church. I've been reading a lot of J.C. Ryle's work, and I've read Knots Untied in which Ryle critiques the Romanizing party within the church. On what part of the spectrum does Mr. Holcomb fall?
July 22, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTracey

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