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Abbott and Costello Would Love This!

(h.t. Paul Barr)

Reader Comments (5)

I watched several games during last year's season where Cleveland's Nick Swisher played 1st base closer to 2nd base. The result was the White Sox easily getting a hit by batting into the right field. It's beyond me.
March 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterGeorge

Look closer . . . Think Abbott and Costello . . .
March 24, 2015 | Registered CommenterKim Riddlebarger
Duh. Never mind. In fact, I do recall a similar remark being made by a sportscaster last season when Hu got to 1st. I blame it on the vicious Winter weather we've had here in the Midwest for my brain flatulence (and my apologies for your drought contra our weather).
March 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterGeorge
See if he gets a teammate named "Watt" to bat before him.
March 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterPatricio
Kim, I was staring at this pic for some time . . . then suddenly I had an apostrophe!
March 25, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRobin

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