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"The Great War" (World War One) -- Lectures and Handouts

Here is a complete list of lectures on "The Great War" and the topics covered in each of them.  The handouts, including a bibliography, can be found below


Lecture One:  "Why Study a War Fought One Hundred Years Ago?"

There are seven broad-ranging geopolitical implications which comprise the legacy of the Great War:

1).  The Great War marks the dawn of the modern world

2).  The Great War shook the very foundation of Europe and Western Civilization

3).  The Great War leads to a sequel (WW2)

4).  The Great War gives rise to the Arab-Israeli conflict

5).  The Great War sets the stage for the rise of ISIS and transnational terrorism

6). The Great War gave rise to the Soviet Union and international Communism

7). The Great War gave rise to America as the world’s foremost super-power

The Great War: Lecture One


 Lecture Two:  "Who Started It, and Why?"

Why did "Christian" Europe self-destruct?

1).  What are the causes of the Great War?

2).  What is just war theory, and how should it have been applied by the participants?

3).  How did Christian progressives and fundamentalists view the Great War?

The Great War: Lecture Two


Lecture Three:  "The Cessation of Hostilities"

Did the "Great War" really end?  Or was there merely a temporary cessation of hostilities?

1).  The Treaty of Versailles (1919)

2).  The Balfour Declaration (1917)

The Great War: Lecture Three


Lecture Four:  "One Hundred Years Later"

The scars from the Great War are deep and permanent

1).  The geopolitical, theological, and philosophical scars of the Great War

2).  The rise of ISIS

The Great War:  Lecture Four



Reader Comments (1)

Kim, thanks for this great series. Very interesting - all of it. I'll be sharing your links with family and friends.

Since I was a kid I've been something of a World War II buff but I really had a pretty poor understanding of The Great War. A lot to consider here especially in light of the providence of God. Thanks again!
May 20, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterR.J. Stevens

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