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This Week's White Horse Inn

The Lord Is My Shepherd

This week on the White Horse Inn we are continuing our series on sustainable church discipleship. In this program, we will be turning our focus from the shepherds to the sheep. What does it mean to be a properly guided sheep? Many of us will recall Psalm 23, but do many of us know what it means for Christ’s rod and staff to comfort us? What does it mean to be chastened by the Lord? What does this look like in a real church setting? What is church discipline? Is it purely negative?

Many people have wrongly seen Christian discipleship either as a purely doctrinal endeavor or as purely practical. In both cases a serious misunderstanding of Christ’s work is apparent. In the Scriptures we see a wonderful matrix of doctrine and practice that the Spirit of Christ uses to form and shape us like a wonderful gardener using a trellis to uphold a vine. How do pastors and elders function in God’s kingdom? What means does the Spirit use to form and shape the faith and love of the people of God? Join us this week on the White Horse Inn as we discuss the goodness of church discipline as the supporting means of Christ’s rule.

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