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Yup, I've Felt Like That . . . You Probably Have Too . . .

An unfortunate "typo" surely ruined someone's Lenten bulletin . . .  It is currently making its way around the internet.

This unfortunate error demonstrates two things.  For one thing, church secretaries have great power and an awesome responsibility.  I'll bet the congregation which used this bulletin snickered throughout the entire service--even one intended to be sober and reflective.

The awkward typo also contains much truth.  There are indeed days when my own level of sanctification reaches lows which can only be described as "butt dust."  The very fact that I just posted this, proves as much.

The good news is that we can laugh at our foibles all the while taking comfort in a merciful Savior who loves us.

Reader Comments (1)

You had me laughing. So true.
March 7, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDoug

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