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What Should I Read to Learn More About Infant Baptism?

One of the most common requests I get concerns resources regarding infant baptism.

What is the biblical basis for the practice?  

What about those questions which inevitably arise when folks consider attending a Reformed or Presbyterian church and witness an infant presented for baptism by the parents?  On what basis do you baptize an infant when they have not yet professed faith in Christ?

Below are some basic resources (aimed primarily to parents and those who might visit a Reformed or Presbyterian Church), which make the biblical case for the baptism of infants, and which address the questions people ask about the practice.

This is the place to start if the subject is new to you, and you have small children.  Why should our children be baptized?  Why is this doctrine so important to Reformed and Presbyterian Christians?  Infant Baptism --- What Christian Parents Should Know


This is a new and very highly recommended book.  It is written for those who have moved beyond the initial questions regarding infant baptism to truly considering whether or not to join a Reformed or Presbyterian Church and who want more information than Satelle's pamphlet (above) can provide. 

This is the best book to give to any friends or family who have questions about infant baptism.  But read it before you give it away!

Baptism--Answers to Common Questions


This is another thoughtful book written for those considering joining a Reformed or Presbyterian Church, and who want a simple and biblical explanation as to why we baptize the children of believers.  If Jesus welcomed them, because for such is the kingdom (Luke 18:16), then so should we!  Jesus Loves the Little Children


John Fesko's volume is a comprehensive theology of baptism.  Fesko covers the history of infant baptism, the doctrine of baptism in light of new creation, the covenant, and eschatology.  He then deals with baptism as a means of grace, a sacrament, its recipients, and its importance to the church.  This is a great resource for anyone who wants to tackle the doctrine of baptism in the broadest possible context.

Water, Word, Spirit


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